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The word “banner” being applied to the Internet sphere is usually understood as a rectangular region with some graphics or animation. Usually banner is a graphic file just loaded to the site and displayed on the web page. It can be of any format: .jpg, .png or .gif. Pictures in .gif format allow making animated banners. It is probably the simplest way to provide animation.

More complicated banners can use flash. Flash allows you to implement some interactivity, for example you can detect mouse cursor position and when it is over the banner some action may be performed. Sometimes such flash banners emulates computer games. When mouse cursor appears in the banner borders it can control the gun or something else involving user to take part in this game – to shoot enemies with this gun by clicking mouse button or achieve any other goals. User starts clicking in the area of the banner and it can let him even to “play” for a while, but after ten or fifteen clicks the user will be inevitably redirected to another site.

So it’s time to talk about banners purposes. Banners are intended to capture the attention of site visitor (as you have already understood from the first paragraphs) and usually contain some advertising information. So the main banner goal is to incite user to click it, this way he will be redirected to any other web page. This new page can be also opened in new tab or window of course.

You will ask what is the cense of all these tricks? It is the part of great and complicated mechanism of the Internet sales. Site owners pay astronomic amounts every year to get more visitors to their sites and increase their sales. So the main idea is to make user visit another site with the help of the banner for a interest him to buy something. Cause it’s considered to be ill-breeding to forward user to some web page without his agreement, site owners and online advertisement specialists have to invent different tricks to make user click something to have formal reason to redirect him to another site and try to make a sale.

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What intro pages are?

Here you will know everything about intro pages. The best example of the intro page is the home page of this site: Not many words can be said about intro pages because everything is very simple. Intro pages are usually starting pages which users see as soon as they come to somewhere. For example when they visit site. If you want to make some introduction to your users you can make intro page with minimum information but with the most important. This means that intro page should be very simple and easy to understand.

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